Thyrocare crosses 1 lakh PCR tests mark for COVID-19 testing

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Thyrocare has crossed the 1 lakh PCR tests mark as on July 11, 2020. The lab started conducting the ICMR approved tests in India from April 25, 2020.

Thyrocare initially started with conducting 200-300 tests a day but have scaled up the testing over the months and are now testing about 2500-3000 people a day as it’s the need of the hour. It also has ramped up its capacity to do 5000 swabs a day in Mumbai alone.

Dr A Velumani, MD, Thyrocare says, “We at Thyrocare are committed to helping our country in this fight against the novel coronavirus that has engulfed the entire world. Testing is the most crucial aspect, as it leads to quick identification of cases, quick treatment for those
people and immediate isolation to prevent the spread of the virus. Our team is working hard to deliver the best of quality, at affordable costs with the least turnaround time for the entire country, in all countries we are present. A dedicated and committed workforce of 1200 Thyrocare employees has been burning the midnight oil to make sure results are accurate and time-bound. Out of the 1200 employees, around 300 employees work in the core laboratory and 45 dedicated staff members work specially in the COVID RT – PCR laboratory.”

Dr Caesar Sengupta, VP, Thyrocare says “ We are one of the fastest reporting laboratories in top 5 per cent of private laboratories in the country consistently and that has been possible only due to IT-enabled database management which the company has developed in house using a “Bot” that helps to scale up.”

Dr Chaitali Nikam, Head COVID Laboratory, Thyrocare says, “ We have been 100 per cent quality compliant when our samples are sent to NIV branch in Mumbai (Kasturba Hospital) for external quality control consistently for the last four months. It is worthwhile to remember that Thyrocare was the first laboratory which brought down the rates from Rs 4500 to Rs 3500 even before governments insisted on it.”

Chandrasekar, VP, Thyrocare says, “ We have a mean realised rate of Rs 2400 in our 1,00,000 workloads which are lowest in this country.”