Park Hospitals ‘Center of Excellence’ for Cancer Treatment

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These days India boast of the best surgical facilities, the latest radiotherapy techniques and advanced chemotherapy units. This has made India a favourite destination for cancer patients from abroad. There are many hospitals in India that cater specifically for the treatment of different types of cancer  but Park Hospitals have most modern and advanced facilities along with NABH accreditation to ensure that patients get very high standard of medical treatments with complete personal care. The cost of treatment in Park Hospitals is 60 to 80 percent lower than the other hospitals, thereby giving greater value to medical tourists who come to India for treatment.

The development of cancer treatment in India has led to a higher survival rate and improved quality of life. Cancer treatment need timely detection and diagnoses by qualified doctors and there after planned treatment. Park Hospitals have the best doctors to treat any type of cancer. They diagnose and suggest the cancer treatment based on its severity and nature.   

The treatment against cancer in Park Hospitals is most reliable and effective and people fully recover if timely diagnosed. Park Hospitals have excellent track record of treating cancer patients with various combination of its treatment. All foreign patients are requested to visit Park Hospitals for very accurate diagnostics and appropriate treatment for their cancer.

Park Hospitals have got facilities of all three modularity of cancer treatment. We are performing all type of major cancer surgery with very good results. We are also doing organ preserving surgeries like breast and moduvelor. We have got separate department of medical oncology where we are giving all latest Chemo therapy drugs with very good results. We have got the latest radiotherapy machine doing all type of radiotherapy IMRT and IGRT.

We are having tumor board discussion for each and every patient with all combined modality. We are giving very good survival and quality of live to all cancer patients.