Importance of AI & Cutting edge Technology in Healthcare

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Dr Jamshed D Sunavala,
Hon. Consultant and Director of Critical Care Unit, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre

The New ICUs at Jaslok Hospital recently inaugurated are re-located on the 4th and 5th floor. They are not just individual wards but a dedicated Department of Critical Care Medicine delivering integrated service to all critically ill patients received from outside and from the various wards and departments of the hospital.

No tertiary hospital today, with superspeciality facilities can function without a backup service provided by a state of art ICU. In view of this, an upgradation of our emergency services was with the latest in technology in a safe and easily accessible environment and committed to best medical practices was urgently needed.

The new ICU complex is now ideally located in one area covering the entire 4th and 5th floors with easy accessibility from the EMS, OT and other sensitive areas of the hospital.

Architecturally the layout has been excellently planned without compromising on patient safety; the 4th floor having 3 ICUs (East, West and South wings) uniquely designed so that they wrap around a common area consisting of dedicated elevator for patient transfer and separate for relatives near the entrance lobby – having the periphery facing the outer façade for enclosed patient rooms with state of art monitoring. A broad corridor connects all 3 ICUs which also serve as an emergency exit.

The 5th floor has a separate ICU for septic/infected cases, well isolated from the 4th floor patients. Italso has a very large waiting area for the relatives with utmost comfort and 24 hrs facilities in mind. The 5th floor also has teaching area, counseling room, etc.

The total ambience reflects an open, well lit complex with latest in technology catering to all superspecialities. The staff is highly trained with doctors and nursing facilities and highly qualified team of Intensivist on duty round the clock.