How science is shaping the future of nutritious consumables

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What if you didn’t have to diet or take supplements? What if you could trust that what you consume is designed to keep you in optimum health instead? Well, that’s almost a reality. Ironically, it’s our propensity for a sedentary lifestyle and fast food that’s helping to drive demand for healthier products to consume, and thus a bourgeoning research industry in support of nutritious foods and ingredients, beverages,dietary supplements, nutricosmetics and personal care.

At the upcoming Vitafoods Asia exhibition, you can see exactly how the food, supplement, beauty and pharmaceutical industries are being transformed by innovators and scientists who are working to deliver optimal health in what you consume.

The exhibition is a full-service look into the nutraceuticals industry, from its key ingredients, to contract manufacturing and labelling to services & equipment and branded finished products. Along with what is being offered commercially, there’s much opportunity to discover what is also in development. For example, how modern medicine is being sourced and developed from natural ingredients.

Bringing innovation and invention to the forefront

Vitafoods Asia brings together manufacturers at the forefront of innovation and invention in the industry to meet and discuss their product development challenges. Visitors that attend Vitafoods Asia can meet and source from suppliers of the very latest products hitting the market.

White-label and private-label products ready for market products are a quick and cost-effective way to access and take advantage of rapid market growth. Product demand is driven by consumers becoming increasingly aware of preventive medicines and the positive link between diet and disease prevention. Modor Intelligence reports[1] that collectively, Japan and increasingly China, India, Australia, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam, are growing the nutraceuticals market in Asia-Pacific by 7.5% year on year.

In 2018, Grand View Research reported[2] that the global nutraceutical market could be valued at $578.23 billion by the year 2025. To take advantage of this market opportunity, distributors, retailers and manufacturers can discover and source high-quality, innovative dietary supplements and functional food and beverages all under one roof at Vitafoods Asia.

At Vitafoods Asia you can source and taste the latest innovative products that help improve health, wellbeing, physical and mental health, from energy drinks to meal replacement bars, chewable supplements to effervescent tablets and everything in-between.

Bespoke Manufacturing and Private Labelling

The exhibition is an easy place to source white-label and private-label products that are ready for market. Such products are a quick and cost-effective way to access and take advantage of rapid market growth.

Moreover, buyers can meet with manufacturers that create bespoke products. Whether it’s a new extract, vitamin, mineral or protein, energy bar, isotonic sports drink or enriched gummies, buyers can source for manufacturers to develop new products specific to their needs.

Similarly, if you need help with technical manufacturing processes or to deal with ever-increasing regulatory complexities, you will be able to schedule one-on-one consultation sessions with specialists in various fields at the Industry Advice Zone to discuss regulatory advice, market access information and strategies, and marketing and innovation profiling.Discover a wide-range of service and equipment providers that are dedicated to the nutraceutical industry and help brands to develop products that deliver optimal nutrition.

Shaping nutrition for optimal sports performance

An example of a growing market is that demand for sports nutrition is rising as comprehension improves as to the value of nutrition among athletes and gym professionals. This is especially true of markets in China, India and Italy.

Today, functional foods and beverages that contain ingredients suchproteins, vitamins, amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids to help attain peak performanceare readily available.Along with these ingredients, minerals and herbs are being used in functional beverages to help keep blood sugar levels at optimal levels is another fast-emerging market.

Cosimo Palumbo, the Marketing Director for IDENA S.p.A., says that they continue participate in Vitafoods Asia because, “although we have been participating since the very first few editions, lately we’ve found that the show has grown both in number and quality of exhibitors, visitors, and scientific program. We expect the same high quality also this year and onward.”

“This year, IDENA is leveraging the New Products Zone at Vitafoods Asia to launch two new products. Firstly, VazguardTM, a Bergamot Phytosome®, which uses a highly standardized bergamot polyphenols fraction that is formulated to optimize the biological absorption of bergamot polyphenols. VazguardTM is safe and effective for the reduction of cardiovascular risk by modulating total cholesterol (tChol), low-density Lipoproteins (LDL), high-density Lipoproteins (HDL), tryglicerides (TG) and blood glucose.

The other product is QuercefitTM, a new natural boost for sports nutrition. Generally, there is poor availability of quercetin, and so we are offering quercetin with the Phytosome® delivery system, which helps to improve plasmatic levels of this natural botanical active. This was proven in a pharmacokinetic study in humans. At Vitafoods Asia, we will put forward the clinical data available that demonstrates evidence of activity in conditions characterized by an abnormal oxidative stress like intensive training, improving an athlete’s performance and aiding in recovery.”

Ingredient innovations that are driving the future of the industry are featured in production demonstration display areas and new functional food and drinks can be sampled at the Tasting Centre.