11-year-old boy undergoes rare heart surgery at Nanavati Hospital

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11-year-old Sandesh from Nanded, suffering from breathlessness and chest pain since early childhood, and diagnosed with Suprovalvar Aortic Stenosis, was given a new lease of life by doctors from Nanavati Hospital.

Dr Rohit Shahapurkar, Consultant Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon, Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital conducted a free camp at Nanded where Sandesh was advised to go in for a surgery at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai for a surgery.

“His aorta was severely narrowed to just 2 cms from its original and the condition is called Suprovalvar Aortic Stenosis. It is one of the rarest congenital heart anomalies and is very difficult to treat. Surgery is required to correct this rare disease, however, it is very difficult and demanding,” explained Dr Shahapurkar.

“During the procedure, the patient was put on my pass machine and the heart was stopped. The aorta was divided and narrowed part of the blood vessel was exercised. The narrowed origin of arota was enlarged by using three patches made from the covering sac of the heart (Pericardium). This is called Triple Patch Technique, explained Dr Shahapurkar.